All Youth Coaches Trying to Find a Way to Prevent Concussion!

Coaches are trying to make it even more safer to play football. Lots of youth kids are playing football are in as much danger and NFL players for hard hitting. Players are contacting other players when they hit them and it shakes up the player alot or very little, but either way it hurts and now in College Football they are suspending players for up to 8 games for helmet hitting. So all people are taking immediate action to targeting.

Top 5 Movies..

Top 5 Favorite Movies

5) The Wizard-This movie came out in 1998, it is a movie about playing video games, and not your new generation systems, but the original Nintendo with old-school Mario.  It is about a little kid that had a bad experience when his sister was drowned in a river, and he tries to go to California to visit her grave and give back her possessions. Then his brother finds out he is a video-game Wiz and enters him in a video game contest called “VIDEO ARMAGEDDON”. At the same time of crossing the country because they both ran away, there is this insane weirdo that tries to bring them back home only for the money and not to bring him home, all in all, it is a great retro movie for all of you that want to see old-school acting.
4)The Hangover-This is like a comedy mystery,…sorta. Only because four best friends go to Vegas to have a  bachelor party before there friend Doug gets lost. They have the greatest night of their life, but they can’t even remember a single part of it. It turns out they stole a cop car, and Mike Tyson’s tiger, were at the hospital, got married, lost Doug, and won over $80,000 at a casino. This is the funniest Vegas movie in which they are making a sequel.
3)The Blind Side-This movie was made in 2009, based on a true story about pro NFL Ravens player Big Mike. It tells the tale from his side and how the Tuies changed his life when they took him in as  one of their own. It explains how bad his life was until he went to a high-school. Then spring football starts, he wants to join but he doesn’t like to hit people unless he is defending his QB or Mrs. Tuie. They first put him on defense because of his massive size, but he’s is alot better at self-defense so he is alot better on the line, it is an overall good movie and that is why it takes the #3 spot.
2)Grown Ups-This movie is really new, it came out this Tuesday on DVD and BLUERAY. But i like this movie because it has some of the greatest comedic actors ever. David Spade is known for his trash comedy, Chris Rock is known for ripping on himself for being the way he is. Adam Sandler is good in this movie at getting everybody with jokes a “burns”. Kevin James plays the greatest childhood fat boy and he his hilariously funny at his position in the movie. And finally Rob Schneider plays the weirdest character as a married man to an 80 year old and is all about nature and is totally weird.
1)SAW-This is one of those movies where if you have seen it you have to be careful and not tell other people that haven’t seen it. It isn’t really a school appropriate movie but it is one that i can easily explain, ok, so there is this cancer patient who got cancer after a car crash. It was then he realized how important life was and he decided to play “games” on people who take advantage of their life such as druggies, alcoholics, or just plain weirdoes with a ton of offenses or plenty of visits to court to trial in the judge. In all of the 7 movies there is a cop on the job trying to get “Jigsaw”, man with cancer. To accuse him of murder, but his defense is that people choose to die and he isn’t murdering anyone. These games are just a ton of traps and contraptions that test people in whether they like to like and what they are willing to sacrifice in order to live.

My Weekend…

This past weekend i thought i would take a trip down memory lane. I woke up it was just a regular morning…but i thought i would play a game that i haven’t played in quite a while.  I grabbed my Super Nintendo, (anyone that doesnt know what a Super Nintendo looks like…wikipedia it), and i looked through my library of games…which one…hmm its a mystery, oh how about Super Metroid. I used to play this game all the time when i was 8 or 9 and i could find every secret and beat the game in 2 hours and rock sooooo awesomely at it, but i found out this weekend that i sucked majorly. Its hard to believe when i was 8 i was so good and now i am like,…not good. i remembered how to get to the first boss, but even though he was the first boss it wasn’t so good i wasted so much of my life on that guy and thats when i realized, its good to take a break from Call or Duty 4 and play the games from the past, and games from the past does not mean play Call of Duty 3, but play the games that revolutionized into gaming today. I know most of you bloggers are wondering where is the video clicking on every word in this blog trying to find the video…will her it is…Super Metroid. Enjoy =)

Nintendo New Releases!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the newest game from the Zelda series that was released at E3 this year when Shigeru Miyamoto came in a surprise appearance  and showed this trailer. He showed all the basic controls for this Wii new release. The next game that was showed at E3 2010 was Donkey Kong Returns. Anyone with a Nintendo 64 knew who Donkey Kong was, anyone who has a Super Nintendo knew that Donkey Kong Country wasn’t the very first idea on the 64 or the Wii. By the ratings and the E3 preview it seems like this game is NOT for gamers that like to casually play, as you can see this game is a game for the ACTION PACKED THRILL SEEKERS!

Mini Cow!

A cow with a liking for contemporary music has been named the worlds smallest cow by Guinness World Records book. Guinness said the sheep sized bovine for the West Yorkshire region of northern England measures roughly 33 inches from hind leg to front foot. The 11-year-old cow is named Shallow would spend its days grazing in the field or listening to BBC on her radio in the cowshed. Shallow is a Dexter Cow, a breed known for its diminutive stature, but is small even by Dexter standards.


This saturday in Norfolk was really cold…no joke it was bout 38 and was raining. But being the football lover that i am… i had to wake up at 8:30 in the morning and go play football with the Varsity team. Super cold, very muddy, and raining, i thought i was gonna freeze but thankfully i didnt. When practice began, of course really took advantage of the mud and made us dive in the mud for the ball…i gotta admit it was fun but once i dried off i realized it sucks being muddy. Then came the scrimmage everone was waiting for…the 8th graders VS. the Varsity team. For Varsity they are not that bad to try and beat…well i guess having 7 people on our team that are 6’4 kinda helps.  Sunday wasnt like bad…it could have been better, but once again it was cold and i had to play football again with my friends…whoever invented under-armor was a genius! Well thats all my weekend was, i am just so glad that i dont have to go next weekend.


Its just me

My name is Dylan and i am 14, well sorta like in 2 months i would be, any way. My fav things are definitely  sports and video games. I go out for football, wrestling, and track. I’m kinda an all around athlete. When i’m not doing sports i’m most likely in my game room hitting the buttons on my playstation controller. My fav video games have to be the “Devil May Cry” series. Now i  don’t like math but for some reason its my best subject…i don’t like being the “nerd”. My fav place to be would have to be down in Sioux City…i love the mall down there.  Its pretty obvious my fav color is black=P Hahaha! During summers i make a ton of youtube videos on random stuff such as TV shows. My fav band is Bullet For My Valentine, and my fav song from them is Last to Know.